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Achieve maximum flexibility in your forecast planning process. With Forecast+, users have the freedom to plan monthly, daily or a combination of both frequencies. You choose how you work.

Control and Optimize

Save time and avoid redundancies with our Repetition Rule features. Users are able to easily configure and run repetition rules that allow you to minimize your inputs, so you reuse common cash flow inputs thereby avoiding errors and wasted time.


We save your forecast activity history. Forecast+ tracks and saves any changes made to your forecast by either you or your team providing you with historical visibility so you can always track and audit your budget values.


When it comes to future planning, the Comments features found in Forecast+ enable team collaboration. Users can view and reply to team comments directly and also provides you and your team with historical background and reasoning behind your actions making collaboration more effective and efficient.

Actual VS Projected

In Forecast+, You can easily enter your projected budget, and put the actual once you have it, however your actual values always override the projected in reports.